Epsilon Composite
Democratize carbon fiber
Epsilon Pultrusion
Our core business since 1987
Epsilon Rollers
Diversification from pultrusion since 2004
Extra large productions for innovative applications
Epsilon Aerospace
Pultrusion breakthrough in aeronautic


  • Epsilon Composite at Wind Europe 2017 - Amsterdam

    24/10/17 -
    Second chance to discover => Epsilon Composite latest technological breakthroughs for wind industry.

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  • Région Nouvelle Aquitaine and European Union

    15/09/17 -
    We would like to thank both Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine and European Union for their support.

    Between 2016 and 2019 European Funds supports the investment program of Epsilon Composite for 1 million euros out of a total of 8.3 million euros.

  • Epsilon Composite at Composite Europe 2017 - Stuttgart

    29/08/17 -
    The 12th edition of => Composites Europe will take place on next September the See more

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