Epsilon Aerospace


Advanced Pultrusion & Pullwinding

Pultrusion: a continuous process and a cost effective solution providing the best of carbon fiber with unmatched properties.

- CFRP parts with high mechanical properties:

    o High modulus of elasticity up to 550 GPa.
    o Compressive & tensile strength up to 3,300 MPa.

- Consistent quality and dimensions (Cp/Cpk > X).

- Expertise in composite design & manufacturing.

- Combination of any grade of carbon fiber .

- Large variety of resin systems .



A wide range of applications

CFRP profiles & finished parts

EPSILON COMPOSITE patented products and solutions cover a wide range of applications, from structural parts (stringers, splices, beams, stiffeners, rods...) to various parts ensuring non-structural functions (cargo, cabin, equipments...).

Struts & Rods

Demonstrating a high level of engineering  capabilities and composite manufacturing expertise, EPSILON COMPOSITE has developped a complete range of patented structural rods to satisfy  its customers needs,  including hybrid struts with metallic end-fittings, full composite struts  and  adjustable "tie rods".



From 'Design & Build' to 'Build to Print'

- Weight-saving through replacement of metallic parts, with competitive prices.

- Cost reduction vs traditionnal CFRP manufacturing processes.

- Fire, Smoke and Toxicity compliant.

- Integrated Galvanic Corrosion protection.

- High Temperature resistance, up to 230°c.

- Proven Wet Ageing behaviour & impact resistance.

- Large series machining & assembling capabilities:
    o Large dimension CNC machining
    o Fasteners installation & assembly
    o  Structural bonding 

- Extensive customer service:
    o Complex solution design & composite engineering,
    o Full qualification testing,
    o Speedshop & flexibility.