Carbon Fiber / Epoxy Pultrusion

Pultrusion: a continuous process and a cost effective solution providing the best of carbon fiber with unmatched properties.

- CFRP parts with high mechanical properties:
   o Modulus of elasticity up to 550 GPa (80 Msi)
   o Compressive & tensile strengh up to 3,300MPa (480 ksi)
- Consistent quality and dimensions (Cp/Cpk > X).
- Expertise in composite design & manufacturing.
- Combination of any grade of carbon fiber.
- Large variety of epoxy resin systems.
- Multi-material & multi-layer products:
   o integrated coatings,
   o interconnected core components.



A wide range of applications

Ultra-long length spools of CFRP

Demonstrating a high level of engineering  capabilities and composite manufacturing expertise, EPSILON Composite has developped a complete range of spoolable products, with applications in offshore & onshore Oil & Gas, wind turbines, High Voltage cables and lifting devices.

Strong industrial partnerships

Various  technologies such as the Carboglulam® allow us to adress the market need for low cost large dimension structural parts.

Under license or with a partnership agreement, EPSILON's clients can therefore ensure a competitive edge on their market  with exclusive technologies.



Exclusive technical breakthrough. Mass Production.

- Continuous spools up to 10,000 m (30.000 ft)

- Integrated coatings
   o galvanic corrosion
   o abrasion or environmental protection

- Inter-connectivity with integrated core components (wires, cables, optical fibre...)

- High Temperature resistance
   o Multi-functional Epoxy resins
   o Tg up to 230°C (450°F)

- High Environmental resistance:
   o To corrosion (SOx, Acid, Salt...)
   o To abrasion

- Extensive customer service:
   o Complex solution design
   o Full qualification testing